Rheems New Warranty

Over a year in the making and involving significant research and development: the new-look electric hot water systems from Rheem have been unveiled.  hero4_rheem_hotwater_050813

Rheem's standard rheemglas model in 25L-160L now have an industry leading 7 years warranty on the cylinder. 

The 250L, 315L and 400 L products have a range of new features which extend their life, and they’re now backed by a 10-year cylinder warranty – the longest electric water heater warranty on the Australian market. “They have undergone substantial re-engineering and redesign to withstand more than 10 years of operation,” says Ben Murphy, Rheem’s Group Product Manager – Electric. "Our research shows that warranty is very important to consumers, and we have focused on creating a warranty that is true to its word.

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