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Gas water heaters deliver hot water either by storing hot water or or heating it as you need it.  Choose from a range of capacities to suit your family size and hot water needs. They come in indoor and outdoor varieties and  with 4 star or 5 star options.  Gas hot water system mainly work on natural gas but are also available in LPG models.  They work in one of two different ways.

1, Storage Hot Water System - These are the larger heater as they constantly heater the water during the day ensuring that a the tank is always hot and ready to go.  They use a relatively little quantity of gas to heater the water slowly

2, Continuous Flow Hot Water System (also know as an instant hot water heater)  - These heaters do not storage any quantities of hot water inside them, instead they start to heat the water the moment you turn on the hot water tap.  Although they are constantly heating the water during the day when not in use, they do use a large quantity of gas to heat the water instantly.