What is a safety tray and termination device and why have we quoted it ?

Hot Water Comply

The safety drip tray is a steel tray that must, as per Australian Standards, be installed under the hot water tank when that tank is installed in a indoor location that does not have a floor drain. 

The purpose of this tray is to catch any water that leaks from the tank or connections on to it


the tray by itself is useless as it will just fill up and overflow. 

Therefore, the tray needs to either have a 25 mm drain connected to it or an approved automatic shut off valve.  We like to install the Mildred Automatic shut off valve.  This valve off valve has a sensor that sit in the tray and it detects whether there is any water in the tray and if there is, it automatically cuts off the water flow to the tank.  

This will stop the leak instantly.  

This prevents you coming home to an burst hot water tank that has flooded your home causing $1000’s damaged to your property and if you leave in a unit, other peoples property.

We use the Mildred automatic shut off valve.  This valve is powered by 4 AAA batteries that will require replacing every 12 months.  The battery compartment can be easily accessed by lifting off the tab on top.  You will know when the batteries require replacement as the valve will make a beeping noise and there will be no water sitting in the tray

These excerpts are taken directly from: AS/NZS 3500 Plumbing and drainage Part 4: Heated water services

5.4 Protection Against Damage From Leaking Water
5.4.1 Concealed water storage tanks

All water containers, cold water storage tanks, cold water storage tank-fed water heaters or storage water heaters that are installed in roof spaces, in cupboards or otherwise concealed shall be placed on safe trays complying with Clause 5.4.3. The safe trays shall be drained by safe wastes complying with Clause 5.4.4.
Notwithstanding the above requirements, mains pressure water heaters may be installed on a safe tray without a safe waste, provided a leak protection device is fitted adjacent to the cold water inlet and upstream of any expansion control valve.

5.4.2 Unconcealed water storage tanks

Unconcealed water storage tanks, installed inside buildings on or above a floor surface that is impervious to water and suitably drained to a trapped or untrapped floor drain or an external doorway, do not require safe trays. A mains pressure water heater with a leak protection device fitted adjacent to the cold water inlet and upstream of any expansion control valve does not require a safe waste.
All other unconcealed water storage tanks that are installed inside buildings shall be installed with safe trays complying with Clause 5.4.3 and safe wastes complying with Clause 5.4.4.

NOTE: Free outlet-type storage water heaters, not exceeding 13.5 L capacity, and instantaneous water heaters do not require safe trays.