Emergency Hot Water Repairs
Emergency Hot Water Repairs
287 Google reviews
Eleanor Carbonell
Eleanor Carbonell
November 2, 2023.
Very respectful plumber.
Geraldine Dalby
Geraldine Dalby
October 29, 2023.
Pleasant, efficient service.
Peter Humphreys
Peter Humphreys
October 26, 2023.
Prompt and did a good job
Angela Di Salvo
Angela Di Salvo
October 18, 2023.
I recommend them to anyone who needs there service. I contacted them at 9.15 am and they were there within.2 hours. Thankyou Emergency Hot Water Repair
Su Egan
Su Egan
October 18, 2023.
Awesome job. Great advice, professional and personable in every aspect of our interaction.
Michaela Maguire
Michaela Maguire
October 10, 2023.
Shane & Ricky did a nice quick job of our boiler replacement. Very friendly service
Marco Vincent Rubiolo
Marco Vincent Rubiolo
September 20, 2023.
Great and fast service!

Just Relax And Leave The Plumbing To The Experts

Servgas Model IBF250 Balanced Flue Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System



The Servgas AQUA POWERED system.

  • Delivers hot water 24/hrs 7days a week.
  • Never running out of hot water.
  • No wasted energy in storing hot water.
  • Sufficient hot water for multi tap installation.
  • Can be installed in a single dwelling. Ideal for multi floor buildings.
  • Installed from inside the building.
  • Room seal balanced flue system.
  • Draws air for combustion and expels all burnt gases through the same flue terminal.
  • Temperature control with a single knob
  • No Electricity needed.
  • No battery needed.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Additional information



By clicking procced you agree that this price has been provided with out viewing your property.  

  • The Rheem 50 L electric water heater can be installed internally or externally in same position as like-identical units. 
  • Connection of plumbing & electrical existing connections are included in price 
  • New 15 mm tempering valve included in price.
  • Removal and disposal of old system from site
  • All extras available if required,
    • Pressure limit valve  $ 77 
    • Non-return isolation valve $ 77 
    • Concrete slab under tank  $ 88
    • Use of a 2nd person – from $ 88
    • Safety drip tray and automatic shut off valve (where required to comply with current Australia standards) from  $ 298

If required, these additional items will be advised prior to installation starting.

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